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Out of court
Romina Anichini

Regulate the rulegoverningrelations between private

For over 10 years, the lawyer Romina Anichini has been practicing in the field of civil law, therefore she deals with relationships between individuals which includes the following areas: separations, divorces, management of children born out of wedlock, inheritance issues, condominium, relationships neighborhood, contracts, labor disputes and credit recovery. The alternative that he personally prefers and suggests as a working methodology is to take the out-of-court path where he offers the precious tool of family mediation or a voluntary and time-limited path that helps to discover the needs and resources of the parties in conflict, accompanying them to the solution best for both for the reorganization of everyday life.


About the project

The restyling project on behalf of the lawyer sees the structuring and creation of a one page with a vertical section strategically structured to obtain the desired conversion action by the visitor. Following this logic of the customer journey, we see a first section aimed at giving clear information about the working environment, thus managing to immediately contextualize the role of the lawyer; categorization of the macro-areas covered by the services offered; an in-depth section on the history of the lawyer thus attempting a less formal approach and bringing the parties closer by putting personal history into play; verticalization on the different services offered and final contact form to make an appointment. The whole site is smooth and full of CTA.

The Story

Lawyer Romina Anichini graduated with honors from the University of Pisa in 2000 in family law and inheritance law.
You attended the notarial school in Rome to prepare for the notarial competition, an opportunity that allowed you to deepen your study of civil law and to acquire precision and scrupulousness in dealing with practical cases.
She practiced in Como and Milan until 2018, when she moved to the province of Modena for family reasons.
You attended the master in family mediation held in Fontanellato (Parma) by the lawyer Bussolati and recognized by Aimef (Italian Association of Family Mediators).
You attended a master’s in Legal English at the British Institute of Como and at the University of Modena. You have obtained the certification in Legal English at the British Council of Milan.
She is currently enrolled in the Modena Lawyer Association.