Tradition and Avan-garde

Tradition and Avan-garde
Osteria del Tuffetto

La cucina assomiglia a chi la crea,la reinventa e l'impreziosisce

A place where our culture, customs, and way of doing things walk together towards the future. A sea of ​​authenticity where you feel the tradition and the cutting edge. The essence, intensity, and flavor of the cuisine of Osteria del Tuffetto.


About the project

The restyling of the website is the tip of the iceberg of a communication process whose core business is the exaltation of the place as an environment, service and cuisine with a contemporary cut through a totally graphic approach. Fine, elegant typography associated with dynamic and iconic colors of the catering sector, the site has a well-structured branched structure capable of making the visitor aware and well-informed about who Osteria del Tuffetto is, what it can offer and how it offers it.

The Story

Osteria del Tuffetto tells a modern story that has not forgotten the past. Starting from Tuscany, it passes through Romagna, extends to Spain and finds its place in Emilia, in Modena, a generous city, open to the future and linked to its rich past.
It is located in an old dairy near an oasis on the banks of the Secchia river where the Little Grebe, a small bird with a shy character, builds floating nests.
The Osteria offers excellent quality food and wines, using both the abundant and rich raw materials of the area and the excellences from the sea and from every place that knows how to produce them with attention to sustainability, health and ethics.
The commitment to prepare dishes rich in aromas and flavors, however, goes hand in hand with the desire to satisfy the spirit of the diners, because this is the philosophy of the restaurant: to combine a quality table with a warm and hospitable environment in which you want to return.