Luxury ceramic Surface

Luxury ceramic Surface - BULBO

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Experimentation follows the motion of expansion, perhaps destined to never end. As man progresses, he needs to create new ideas, in order to understand his ambitions and to challenge his identity. Vanguard is to advance towards a sense of modernity, step by step, because every time modernity is reached it has already evolved. There’s a time to create, a time to express yourself, a time to design and a time to live. Neverthe- less, every moment is the right one for exciting. Pictures and decorations will take over for words to tell an always different story.


About the project

As tailors of beauty, Bulbo’s website is an ode to its deep collection of textures enhanced through the use of a user-friendly fan-shaped catalog. From the modern design Bulbo rises and stands out for its contemporary and completely unconventional features compared to the ordinary.

The Story

Bulbo was born from the link between creativity and ability of its founding members in 2020 with the aim of making any surface iconic through past, contemporary and future art from different world cultures.