Treasure of Kitchen

Treasure of Kitchen
Bottega della Pasta

Un viaggio tra isaporidella nostra terra

Bottega della pasta still maintains the tradition and quality of its products intact and unchanged today. It overlooks the digital landscape with the intention of making it a warmer and more familiar environment with fresh pasta because, as they say: pasta unites and makes you happy


About the project

Nothing says home more than a plate of fresh pasta. A convivial place able to satisfy your desire for pasta and which in 2021 makes its debut in the digital world through the restyling of the website where the key element takes the reins and is put in the foreground to enhance it beauty and convey the soul of the leading experts in this sector: pasta makers. The project has mainly figurative and informative features following the inclusion of a totally innovative and easy-to-use menu which lists the different types of preparation of fresh pasta that you will find in the shop or that you can request at home.

The Story

Bottega della Pasta was founded in 1986 by the will of the aunt and mother of the current owners, expert pasta makers, lovers of tradition and of the family. The production of fresh pasta has continued until today, following all the trappings of the Emilian gastronomic tradition.