Tradition and Avant-garde

Tradition and Avant-garde

Osteria del Tuffetto is an Italian restaurant founded by the Doni family, known for being the owners of the DEF paint factory, headquartered in Magreta, in the province of Modena, specializing in contemporary cuisine. The management of social media has led to the creation of a synthetic biography highlighting the specificities of the services offered in the events and catering sector, followed by a publication strategy that follows a very specific order: triptych in total chromatic synergy with alternating content. In fact, the chosen layout sees the alternation of exclusively photographic contents depicting glimpses of rooms, interior furnishings, dishes and graphic contents through which we try to raise awareness about events or promotions. A winning strategy for local businesses that overall generated an increase in bookings compared to the previous year of + 42%.

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Osteria del Tuffetto

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