Design your nest

Design your nest

Arredamenti Buffagni is an Italian company founded by Marcello Buffagni with its main registered office in Formigine, in the province of Modena, specializing in the sale of furniture, furnishing accessories and other objects for the home. The social media management strategy has led to the creation of a concise and captivating biography, followed by a publication strategy that follows a very specific order: triptych in total chromatic synergy. During the collaboration period we performed a testing phase between two different feed layouts: a first phase saw the alternation of different angles of the same object under consideration with a first setting, a second setting with different spacing and the graphics of the object for sale; the second phase instead sees the alternation of objects without a logical connection between them, always with the utmost respect for the colors, that is a wallpaper, a setting and an object. An overall more visual and complicit strategy than the human eye capable of generating an increase in requests for appointments in the showroom of + 25%.

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Arredamenti Buffagni 

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