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The Hahnenkamm trophy (in German Hahnenkammrennen, named after the homonymous mountain on which the slopes are located) is a historic alpine skiing competition that has been held annually in Kitzbühel, Austria, since 1931. It is a weekend of races during which a downhill, a special slalom and a combined are held, which add up the times of the two races. Posters design strictly reflect the famous Hahnenkamm slope morphology overlapped by typical ski races objects. Iconic symbols are the “Walde H“ with the distinctive “Hahnenkamm“ cockerel comb at the top and the portrayal of historical jump made by Christian Ghedina during one of his races. Colors are an extract from Hahnenkamm trophy logo reshaped in their tones using pantone palette in order to give a modern key.

Client: HKR23
Category: GRAPHICS