Made for better living

Made for better living - UN.CO

Brand Strategy


UN.COnventional Apartments

Un.Co, short for unconventional apartments, is a portal that was born in 2021 with the aim of offering people looking for accommodation for short periods, accommodations and services capable of making their stay comfortable but above all extraordinary. Un.Co has always believed in the idea of offering its guests a suite of services that far exceed the standard of generic rentals and agreements with selected venues.

Made for better Living

At your home, in the world. It is no longer simple to “live”, but to feel at home wherever you decide to choose the accommodation offered by Un.Co. Today the priority is given to freedom, fluidity, simplicity in living the goal in which you decide to spend a period of your life and this portal is the bridge between these. But above all, “living” outside the box, from what society imposes as “ordinary”, being able to visit hypnotic places, have a hot meal in a refined restaurant, relax in beauty salons or simply enjoy the sunset. Un.Co is this, but it will be much more.

Logo Design

After defining the acronym “UN.CO” of the business and its pay-off “made for better living”, we focused on creating a pictogram that reflects the creed and diversification of the business compared to the classic rental of an apartment. To do this we started from the fundamental symbol of dwelling, the house, and from the representation of multiple services through a dense network. By reworking these two themes in a modern way, we have created a minimal and impactful logo that reflects the canons of UN.CO.


Visual Identity

The monochrome choice is a symptom of a profound emancipation from traditional hosting and rental services. The services offered by Un.Co only reflect this stylistic choice: modern locations with a minimalist character.

Visual Communication


The extreme ductility of the logo makes it applicable on any physical and digital vector, from the most used business cards and infographics to large murals.