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Studio Legale Terrano

Brand Strategy


Studio Legale Terrano

Terrano Law Firm offers legal assistance and advice with particular focus on the following topics: Registration of trademarks and design; Legal assistance in disputes; National and international contracts; Anti-counterfeiting techniques.

Make it exclusive

Mainly dealing with intellectual property and legal protection of corporate communication, the Terrano law firm positions itself on the market as the perfect partner for registering its trademark and protecting its business identity. Hence the idea of making the symbol of trademark registration iconic, thus focusing their brand around this primary service.

Logo Design

For the design of the logo we started from the current logo with the aim of innovating it in style and color, thus adapting it to the current landscape. To carry out this step we concentrated on the choice of colors, passing from a bright purple to an aviation blue color, soft and distinctive for its formal “character”. The realization passes from the choice of long-limbed characters. A typography designed with the ultimate aim of emphasizing its minimalist features, much appreciated by the lawyer. Instead the “R” of registered trademark used previously is shaped following the same logical reasoning of the typography, bringing it closer to a more contemporary standard. The final result constitutes the simplification and modernization of these elements.


Visual Identity

The chosen colors are part of a process of elevation and distinction from today’s Italian market for a sector that often sees in its visual identity the use of monochrome and basic typography. The scandinavian trait evident both for colors and for the font used comes from the lawyer’s appreciation of a minimalist ideal that can also be found on physical vectors.

Visual Communication


Representative and versatile, the logo is logically designed to be applicable to multiple contexts such as business cards, letterheads and binders as well as for use in the digital environment on websites and social media.