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Print your future - SPIDER-JET

Brand Strategy


Spider - JET

Spider-jet is a new reality that deals with computerized digital printing at an industrial level. Specifically, it focuses on the study, construction and sale of industrial ink jet printers capable of printing on any type of material.

Print your future

Qualitative and quantitative revolution. Set aside today’s technical standards, go beyond the limits of printing profit. It is the philosophy of Spider-jet that aims to improve the printing on material sector by aiming at industry 5.0

Logo Design

The conception and structuring of the logo originates from the stylization of the name. Spider is the embodiment of the movement of the internal printing system in a coordinated manner, just like the physiological movement of the spider. The inkjet, another key element of the machine, has been modulated making it spherical thus completing the shape of the body.


Visual Identity

The use of cyan, magenta and black hues recall the primary four-color process of the printing system so as to underline the matrix of the project. The typography has an italic cut, indicative of speed and progression combined with a bold typeface designed to transfer the fullness of a print performed through the machine.

Visual Communication


The transmission of company data takes place through the use of physical vectors with formal features as the average catchment area in the spider-jet network is mainly industrial.