Release your Energy

Release your Energy - ICHEP

Cooperation with Elda Arcieri & Irene Benincasa​

Brand Strategy


ICHEP 2022

As this is an event dedicated to particle physics, the concept is based on the elementary nature of the scientific field in question and, consequently, on the development of the logo based on a sequence of particles, absolutely fundamental for its realization.

Here is Bologna

Bologna is a city with numerous characteristics that make it recognizable in many areas (culture; cuisine; architecture; and so on). The symbol selected in this case is linked to a constant of the urban center: the multiplicity of arcades that draw the city elevations.

Logo Design

The identity of the logo proposes a reworking of the theme of the portico, strongly characterizing the city of Bologna, on which the acronym “ICHEP” is composed. Inside the building the elementary element of the parcel is inserted which, following the basic construction representing the Bolognese arcades, fits within the overall composition. The end result is an identity strongly linked to the Bolognese urban reality, on which the scientific reality of the planned event rests.


Visual Identity

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. The recurring event on particle physics ICHEP takes shape from the law of conservation of mass, which this year makes a stop in Bologna. It is precisely from Bologna and its characteristic features that the graphics are molded: its arcades draw attention, creating an immediate parallelism with the city to which recurring shapes and colors are combined in the representation of particles of matter such as electrons (yellow). The Espera font highlights its empirical character.

Visual Communication


Communication to the public via posters is structured in such a way as to simultaneously insert a graphic representation that allows most to recognize the theme of the event and the host city. A triptych is suggested that can be used in particular or specific situations that require a more large-scale communication in which variations on the theme are inserted. However, the official poster of the event is the one that can be identified on the next page, in which the graphic symbol of Bologna (the arcades) becomes useful space for photography, the name of the city and the conference with relative dates are central, with a background a graphic that indicates the scientific context – the same acronym rendered in the form of particles. The text is free to modify, so that it can be modified as needed.