Servants of the Wind

Servants of the Wind - FERA

Brand Strategy


A world fueled by positive energy

This is the goal that according to FERA is worth pursuing. The idea of generating clean energy while safeguarding the entire ecosystem motivates it to develop solutions and products with a high impact on consumption, making the possibility of contributing to making this world a cleaner, healthier and stronger place more accessible to all consumers. From 2001 to today, this goal has been firmly linked to the corporate culture with consequent growth and the achievement of ambitious goals, making FERA today a company with a unique DNA. In order to strengthen this flow of growth and change, FERA asked to design a new brand identity capable of encompassing the essence of the combination of clean energy and renewable sources.

Spread positive energy

A very powerful concept in which two meanings are enclosed. On the one hand we find the concept of “positive energy” with a clear orientation of consumers towards a concept of sustainable, clean energy capable of generating positive change. On the other hand, “spread” alludes to how, through the company, not only energy can be propagated / disseminated globally but also how the same concept described above is so through the choice of the right partners.

Logo Design

The conception and structuring of the logo originates from the creation of a modern icon or shape capable of transmitting the sense of continuity between wind (input) and energy (output), with sinuosity in reference to an undefined morphology of energy sources and skeleton of the letter “F” combined with the pivotal element of the wind turbine.


Visual Identity

It draws inspiration from the Scandinavian landscape where green projects are the beating heart of an ethics that still has a lot to teach today. Palette of colors in full harmony with nature: they recall the process of generating electricity (electric yellow) starting from a renewable source such as wind (pure white) thus giving life to a process that is respectful for the one who hosted us, who hosts and that will host us with a little more sound conscience. The earth (mother-nature green).


Payoff Commemorativo

From 2001 to today, FERA has the ambition to guide the next generations towards sustainable choices, thus converting the mistakes of the past into possibilities for the future.

Business Card


Implementation on physical objects and information vectors of the distinctive traits of the brand such as lines referring to the dematerialization of the logotype, recalling the liberating and undulating movement of the wind combined with the colors detected in the visual identity.