One sew All

One sew All - FABRILOR

Brand Strategy


One sew All

This is the goal that according to TEXTILE COMPANY NETWORK is worth pursuing. The idea of generating a nest for textile industry able to host national and international companies’ innovation & development departments motivates it to develop a network with high impact on education, making it more accessible to those who embrace these values and estremely professional. In order to strengthen this flow of growth and innovation, TEXTILE COMPANY NETWORK asked to design a new brand identity capable of encompassing the essence of the combination of textile industry, innovation and networks.

Fabrilor Fabrilor

The marriage between raw materials and the master naming this project. FABRIC show where it all begins: clothes or other material produced by weaving or knitting fibres. On the other hand, TAILOR represent the master of work, that entity able to figure out customers/market ideas and gives them shapes and soul. FABRILOR will be the right place where materials meet creativity, talent meets professionalism and future meets vision.

Textile innovation Hub

A very powerful concept in which three meanings are enclosed. Firstly we find the concept of “textile” with a clear orientation of involved industries towards an international concept. On second hand, “innovation” alludes to how, through these project, not only knowledge can be shared but also how partners will mind-oriented to innovation and evolution. Lastly, “hub” spread the warmth of project’s purpose to create the perfect meet-up place for professionals and talents.

Logo Design

The logo conception originates from the creation of a modern icon or shape capable of transmitting the sense of community between companies, with sinuosity in reference to the morphology of a ball of wool and future progression through innovative concepts.


Visual Identity

Industrial look with an eclectic flavor Fabrilor associates its message with a clean, minimalist look. Palette of colors in tune with the culture of the textile industrial chain: element with indicative traits, symbol of the sector associated with a color in vogue (symptomatic orange) associated with yin (charcoal black) and yang (linen white) thus giving balance and elegance.

Business Card


Implementation on physical objects and information vectors of the distinctive features of the brand such as lines reminiscent of the logotype recalling the anarchic movement of the yarn of the ball of fabric which once dissolved draws wonderful textures by combining the colors detected in the visual identity.