The art of Knowledge

Brand Strategy

Lire attentivement

The latest project of the municipal libraries complex in the province of Aosta focuses on the redevelopment of the logo to embody the essence of a contemporary hub, a combination of culture and development. The logo will have to represent the rebirth of an institution in the twenty-first century able to take root among the young generation to redesign a future with more “knowledge”.

Pole d'innovation

A very powerful concept in which two meanings are enclosed. On the one hand we find the concept of “pôle” with a clear orientation of readers towards a more modern structure capable of offering culture and networking. On the other hand, “innovation” alludes to how, through cultural sharing, the foundations can be laid for a cutting-edge future capable of generating positive change.

Logo Design

The conception and structuring of the logo originates from the creation of a modern image capable of transmitting the sense of continuity between the elements that characterize the “Ida Desandré” library system and the municipal library of the province of Aosta. The final logo consists of the Italian-French image and wording “Municipal Libraries – Bibliothèques Communales” as requested. Specifically, the image is represented by the acronomic of the words “Aostane Municipal Libraries” whose graphics incorporate the following elements in the forms: Letter “B” It embodies the essence of libraries, that is the books, those who populate them. Letter “C” It takes up the municipal word and draws the connection bridge between the three letters. Letter “A” Represents one of the characteristic elements of the province of Aosta or its undisputed peaks and a destination for many winter sports enthusiasts and mountain lovers.

Visual Identity

Historical books are pure culture gold. The project “Biblioteche Aostane” is the perfect comb between written memories and next generation as they aim to re-educate citizen. Palette color is simple: a clear reference to the past binding (ruby red) adorned with precious golden trimmings (yellowstone) and slightly yellowed pages (eggshell white). Timeless elegance.

Business Card


Implementation of the logotype on physical objects and information carriers typical of the library system of the distinctive features of the brand such as lines reminiscent of the morphology of the mountainous territory of Aosta and the use of the initials BA by combining the colors detected in the visual identity.