Timeless Elegance

Timeless Elegance - 100% CAPRI

Brand Strategy


100% Capri

Linen is not just a fabric, but a way of being. The idea of wearing fine garments, icons of a unique lifestyle, for a select few is the daughter of the patron Toni Aiello. From 2000 to today, this concept has invested a large part of the planet, enhancing linen and made in Italy making 100% Capri a recognized and renowned company. In order to strengthen 100% brand awareness, Capri is asking for a renewal of its brand identity that involves the restyling of their logo as well as the communication strategy increasingly aimed at millennials and generation Z.

Exiting Lines

A catchy, concise and conceptual payoff as a whole. On the one hand, “exciting” wants to convey the emotion of wearing a garment made from such a precious fabric as linen; on the other hand, “linen” contextualizes the core on which ideas and the pillars of the company are based: linen.

Logo Design

The conception and composition of the logo originates from the idea of generating a modern icon, a logotype without geometry as well as the linen itself, using the name “100% Capri” in a typical island style. The logotype is made up of three elements capable of recalling the company, sector and raw material, contextualizing the project in the modern landscape. In this case, the brand has a refined typography worked manually by carving it following the sinuosity of the sea waves, a kind homage to the island of Capri.


Visual Identity

Timeless elegance for a clothing brand able to cross decades without losing its sartorial focus. Use of both warm and elegant shades, thus paying homage to the distinctive traits of the citizens of Capri for their warm soul and appearance always embellished with tailored suits. 

Visual Communication


Representative and versatile, the logo is logically designed to be applicable to multiple contexts such as clothing, buttons, windows or walls. The softness of the design makes it absolutely replicable through the embroidery technique.